Well, here I am again, having procrastinated on my blog postings.

The biggest news for the year was being invited to the Pebble Beach Concours once again as a guest artist. This time, the difference is that I was voted into the Automotive Fine Arts Society as an associate member. This means that I will be able to show my work at Pebble Beach on a regular basis. We had a great time there, eating really good seafood, driving around the area, and we managed to get Lynn out on a whale observing tour on Friday. Saturday was set-up day, and then a cocktail party/reception early evening. Sunday of course was the Concours itself. I was fortunate to get to the show pretty early, and got out for a nice photo expedition before we opened up for the day. Renewed some California friendships, got to talk with the amazing artists that are the AFAS. I didn’t make any actual sales, but I did manage to make some new friends/contacts, and I am very much looking forward to attending again in 2019.

I managed to get a couple of commissions for event poster art in ‘18, one for a Queen City Corvette Club Show held in conjunction with the Southern version of Bloomington Gold at Hendrick Motorsports in October, and one for the Trump Concours at Charlotte, held at Lake Norman in November.

My other events were an interesting mix of car shows, vintage races, and Concours. As always, I saw many great friends and customers and met some new folks, as well. Also, a handful of originals found new homes during the year. On a very unusual note, a couple of originals sold within minutes (“All Tuckered Out” a close-up view of a Tucker dash) or days (“Take the Helm, Mister Sulu”, another dash close-up of a ‘61 Dodge) of being posted on facebook. Thanks facebook, you have helped me stay somewhat afloat!

I’m up to five different guitars in my series of guitar paintings now, with another handful in the works. Tried a guitar show in Asheville, NC late in the year, with very little in the way of sales, but lots of positive feedback. Of course, compliments are nice, but I certainly need to figure out a way to actually sell these in order to continue.

My show/travel schedule is changing again. Some small shows I had been doing just because I “always did” were unfortunately so bereft of sales that I had to make a couple of decisions - that the days I was sitting with the crickets might be better spent staying home and painting.

Many thanks to my friends and faithful (and new) customers for supporting me all these years - hope to see you all soon again during this coming year. And always remember - Support Living Artists, because the Dead Ones Don’t Need the Money!

March 27, 2018 - New Show Schedule and Other Happenings

I had no idea how long it had been since I updated this blog - please accept my apologies, everyone!

The second half of 2017 was hectic as always, with quite a bit of travelling. I did shows in KY, OH, MI, PA, and NC with mixed results sales-wise also picking up a few commission projects along the way. One addition to my schedule was the GoodGuys Rod & Custom event at Charlotte Motor Speedway, right here at home. I had not done this event in quite a few years, so I decided to give it a go, and I'm pretty sure I'll try it again this year. New for this year will be The Elegance at Hershey and an SVRA vintage/historic race weekend at the Speedway in Indy. I'm very much looking forward to both of these new adventures.

Speaking of trying again, I have once again been invited to show my work as a guest artist with the Automotive Fine Art Society at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance this year! Very excited to do this again - August 24-26. Also, I got one of my water colors ("Formerly Elegant") accepted into the Annual Exhibit of the National Watercolor Society. I won't be able to attend the show in person, but the exhibit will be on display at NWS home gallery in San Pedro, Ca from May 3 through June 30.

I am working furiously trying to finish new pieces for Pebble Beach, and the other upcoming events. A couple more Corvette paintings for Bloomington Gold, Indy Roadster for SVRA, plus commissions I am still working on. One really interesting commission that is in progress is a guitar painting for an amazing luthier, Mr. Mark Campellone. Hope I can do his beautiful archtop guitar justice. Haven't added to my schedule yet, but if I can manage to finish more guitar paintings in the coming weeks/months, I may venture out to a guitar show or two to test the waters.



Here we are already into May of 2017. Where does the time go? I have already done four cars shows this year - Tom Mack's January show was in a new venue at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, NC. This has opened my year evry year for probably close to 30 years by now, and it's always good to see Tom and many of the "regulars" at the show. Then in March, it was off to Raleigh, NC for the Spring version of the Carolina Collector Auto Fest.

April always brings the Spring Auto Fair at Charlotte Motor Speedway, jointly produced by the Speedway and the Hornets Nest Chapter of AACA. My prints sold reasonably well this time, and old friend David Clark purchased an original water color of his very blue '57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Thank you, David! Also, a little later in April was my annual pilgrimmage to Spring Carlisle, at Carlisle, PA. It was rainy at times, windy at times, and a little cold at times, but I've seen much worse in my many years there, and prints sales were not bad.

During the month of May, I hope to be catching up on production. I have some commissions that I need to make progress on before I have to hit the road again in June. Also, during the big race weeks at Charlotte, I plan to be lurking around the pits and garage area photographing potential subjects as I have been doing for many years now. Though I'm not a regular on the NASCAR tour, I still love racing, and sometimes an actual painting results from this. I sometimes wish I could clone myself so I could pursue all the varied automotive subjects that I am attracted to.

Currently in the works, I have too many projects to list - (I love variety) - Including a '53 Studebaker, a '58 Golden Hawk, a LeMans winning Ford GT, a junk yard '51 Plymouth, a custom '51 Mercury, a couple of Ferraris, and about 15 others, anywhere from 10% to 75% done. They all get finished eventually, but I sure wish there were 30 hours in a day, 10 days in a week, etc. Some pieces you might see me mention will be on the back burner for a while, but they will be seen at some point!

You may have noticed that I did a couple of Guitar paintings over the last year or so. I'm working on a third one now, a close-up rendering in water color of a nice Taylor acoustic. Keep an eye out for this as well. If I get to a point where I have six or eight of these done, I may try my luck at a guitar show or two.

So long for now, and we will see you at a car show near you soon- and remember, whether it's from me or someone else - BUY ART! (Preferably from a living artist - the dead ones don't need the money...)

PEBBLE BEACH and the Fall Car Shows

As I mentioned earlier, I was invited by the Automotive Fine Arts Society to exhibit my work with them as a guest artist at the Pebble Beach Concours this past August. After many months of planning, shipping, making travel arrangements, etc. etc. etc., we finally made it out there, and what a trip it was! We flew into San Francisco on Thursday and drove the rental car down to the Monterey area - mwt up with Bruce and Phyllis Wheeler and had a great dinner in Carmel to start our adventure. Friday was a "free" day, so we did a couple of the expected tourist things, scoped out some auction cars and so forth. But the best part of the day was spent sitting on a bench and watching the seals. We stayed there for hours.

Saturday 8:00 AM was set-up time. A little frenetic, as we hadn't done this before. Crates arriving on a truck, unpacking, hanging art, and then in a few hours, there was an amazing array of automotive art. We didn't have confidence that we could drive all the way back to our room in Salinas to change for the Saturday evening preview/reception, so we found a place in the Lodge to change. The reception was very nice, a good way to cap off the day.

Sunday, the BIG DAY - up VERY EARLY to beat traffic - got there in time to see and photograph some of the cars, then the show opens at 10. I didn't sell anything, which didn't help the bottom line. Of course, I knew that was a possibility going in. And of course people were met, contacts were made, so perhaps the proverbial phone will ring in the ensuing weeks/months. Everyone in the group was very helpful and friendly. Afterward, everyone met at a local restaurant for a group dinner.

On Monday morning, our final official business was to attend a breakfast and AFAS meeting at the Lodge. The good news is that the entire experience was wonderful. The bad news is that I did not get voted into the AFAS on this attempt. {sigh). I have been encouraged to apply again and I am doing just that there will be a better/different result if there is a next time. (What's that old thing about the definition of insanity?)

The rest of my Fall car show season was about average by today's standards. Sales were up/down as per usual. The Corvette show at Carlisle, PA started only a day after getting home from California, so of course I had the van all loaded and ready to hit the road upon getting back.

Following in quick succession were the Fall Auto Fair at Charlotte Motor Speedway (thanks to our speedway host Ed Fausel), and then Fall Carlisle and Hershey back to back. In between these two PA shows, instead of going home for just one day, I get to have my yearly visit in Virginia with old and dear friends Alan and Carol Long. Alan and I were up for a visit to one of my favorite junk yards, "Leon's", in Culpepper, VA. Upon arriving we were informed that all of the "old stuff" had been sent to the crusher - no more photo ops. This makes me want to find more yards to explore before they all meet that same fate! Hershey is always fun. Sales were not spectacular, but I got to visit with more old friends, and did my usual abbreviated photo tour of the show field as the sun was rising.

After returning home from Carlisle and Hershey, I did a new Concours at Charlotte (actually Mooresville, by Lake Norman). Nice show, and being the first time, I didn't expect much in the way of sales. Sold one print, and as usual made new contacts that may be useful in the future.

My last remaining event for this year will be Ray Evernham's Americarna Charity Auction and car show taking place in Davidson, NC the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. This will be my first time at this event, so I really don't know what to expect.

On the drawing board, works in progress - so many I can't list them all. But I am currently working on a very wet E Type Jaguar, a TR3, a Cadillac ElDorado Brougham, a couple of Ferraris, a '51 Plymouth interior (a junk yard piece peeking at the dash from behind a falling headliner), and many, many more. So many cars, so little time!



August 12, 2016 -

In April; I had Spring Carlisle and the Spring Auto Fair at Charlotte Motor Speedway - got to visit/catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. Also attended a new event April 17 - the Kiawah Island Motoring Retreat in SC. Very elegant community on the SC shore, and many fine cars. Saturday was a "Club Day", and Sunday was the Concours. Thanks to Jim Phillips for making it possible to attend.

No shows in May, though I did attend the Charlotte race weeks, and got quite a few good photo references in and around the garages. I used the rest of the month to catch up on commissions and new originals for uocoming shows.

June was busy, as always. The first weekend is the Classic Car Club of America's annual Concours, called The Experience. I sold a piece "Bugatti Island" at the Saturday night Art Auction - it went to Mr. Bill Warner of Amelia Island fame. Thanks, Bill! The next weekend was the Concours at Ault Park in Cincinnati, where I won the Best in Show award! The last weekend in June was the Bloomington Gold Corvette event held in Indianapolis at the Brickyard. Sales were poor this time, but that's the way it goes.

July was the Keeneland Concours in Lexington, KY. Unfortunately, no sales, but cameraderie and humor got us through the weekend, along with the usual assortment of great cars to enjoy. In most years recently I have been at the Concours of America in Plymouth, MI on the last weekend of the month, but I was not included on the Artist List this year ` maybe next year, I hope?

This brings us to August! Why the exclamation? We will be leaving on Thursday the 18th for Pebble Beach! I have 11 Originals on their way, and we will be setting up/hanging paintings Saturday morning, with a Cocktail Party/ Artists" Reception Saturday evening. Then of course, the Main Event, the Concours will take place on Sunday. I have waited and hoped for many years to be invited by the Automotive Fine Arts Society to show with them - this is a Big Time Bucket List item! (If the membership likes my work, I could possibly be voted into their group as a member, in which case I would get to go every year - wouldn't that be something to look forward to!  Wish me luck!


Mea Culpa, My Bad, Sorry, etc. ... I have neglected to post an update here for a while, so here we are about to begin a new season of travel for shows. I have been working on quite a few new paintings that I will be able to post soon, and as always, I will be making prints available of most of them.

The BIG NEWS for now is that I have been invited by the Automotive Fine Arts Society to participate with them as a guest artist at their annual exhibit at the Pebble Beach Concours August 20-21 of this year. I am excited at the prospect of showing my work there, and in this case to many people who have not seen my work yet. I have to keep in mind that this is a guest invitation - that I will not be a member of AFAS until they take a vote at their meeting on Monday after the show. If they do vote me into the group, I would be eligible to show there on a regular (annual) basis. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

My travel/show schedule (in the column to the right on this page) will be pretty similar to previous years, but of course with the addition of Pebble Beach. If anything changes, I will be sure and let everyone know.


After the Cincinnati Concours, I headed up I - 75 again, this time to the Keeneland Concours at the elegant Keeneland Horse Park facility, where I got my yearly ration of bread pudding.  Next was the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show, at a new venue - The Indianapolis Motor Speedway! An excellent venue for this event, and I had a nice indoor spot - with A/C, no less! Stayed with good friends and MG lovers Reed and Jan Tarwater in their wonderful home in Greenfield, Indiana. Couldn't have asked for a nicer visit.

Then in late July, it was up to Plymouth, Michigan for the Concours d'Elegance of America at St. John's in Plymouth, Michigan - always a huge display of the most elegant cars you'll see anywhere. The LONG trip was made a lot easier knowing I would be visiting with my long time artist buddy Charlie Maher and his wife Marilyn, and their retrievers Calvin and Hobbes!

In between road trips, I have been working on a new crop of originals, including a couple more vintage NASCAR pieces, more rusty stuff for the "Oxide Archives", a C7 Corvette (to be completed in time for Corvettes at Carlisle, I hope), an Alfa 4C, a Jaguar XK 120, a 64 Ford Galaxie, a very wet 56 Mercury, plus several more on the "way" back burner.

I have also finished a couple of pieces that we have not yet had time to size down  for the web - a Shark - Nosed Graham Rusting Away, and a piece on the 1954 NASCAR-raced Corvette. I should be able to get those up soon.

I have also been working on several commissioned pieces, including the 1966 Ken Brenn Special Gerhardt Offy  driven by Bob Harkey in that year's 500, as seen at the SVRA event at Indy this year with current owner/restorer Gary Mondschein. This one is actually finished as well, and soon to be posted.... Stay tuned, as they say...

Cinci Weekend

As always, the Cincinnati Concours at Ault Park was a good one. Enjoyed a very nice banquet Friday evening, then made a side trip over to Indianapolis on Saturday where there was an SVRA Vintage Racing event. While there, I delivered a finished painting of the 1956 Belanger Special to my friend Bob McConnell, and of course shot quite a few photos to use for future projects.

Sunday, back at Cinci for the Concours - set up, sweat, take photos, sweat, sit, sweat, sweat, and sweat some more. Did I mention it was hot? Sold a few prints and was awarded Best in Show for the art exhibit!

Was smoothly cruising home when about midnight or maybe 1:00 A.M. Monday, the fuel pump in the van decided to quit. Call Triple A, wait, get towed, semi-sleep in van until shop opens, Get repaired, use up the show profits on said repair, finish driving home. Oh, well...

Leaving next Tuesday for the Bloomington Gold Corvette Shoe at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (deja vu), which will run June 25-27. I'm assuming the fuel pump will not fail this time....

Gilmore Car Museum

Got home late Monday night from the Classic Car Club of America Museum Concours at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI.  The featured marque was Packard, and I was able to sell my latest Packard painting at the Saturday night banquet/art auction.

If you are not aware of the Gilmore Car Museum, it is one of the finest facilities of its type in the US. Hickory Corners is a small town just outside of Kalamazoo, MI - just a little out of the way, but WELL worth a side trip if you are anywhere in the area. For the true enthusiast, it is certainly worthy of destination status in and of itself.

This weekend, June 12-13, I will be showing at the Ault Park Concours in Cincinnati - come on out!

Another Concours

Still getting used to this new format...

I have been invited to participate in the Dayton Concours later this year - September 19-20 in Dayton, Ohio - more details when I know more.


Also, a note to those of you who may be interested in originals - As an artist, I think it would be tacky to advertise in bold type things like BIG SALE or EVERYTHING MUST GO and so forth.

But I will let you know that, in general, I can be flexible on prices for my originals, sometimes surprisingly so on some pieces that are getting a little long in the tooth. So don't be bashful, give me a call...

704 372-2899  home     704 582-2566  cell     dmccraryart@carolina.rr.com


If you are reading this, you have found my new web site. This has been a long time coming. My old web site was hacked into and destroyed a while back - we made an attempt to build a new one, and didn't get very far due to software that just wasn't user friendly for us. So we kept that partial site up for a while just to keep the domain name active while looking for a better way. We settled on this Squarespace system, and for quite a while now we have been working on the new site.

Please keep in mind that this is still (and probably always will be) a work in progress - it is not 100% complete yet, and you may see a gap or an oversight here or there. The overall graphic design or "look" is pretty basic at this stage - no fancy touches or bells and whistles yet. That stuff can come later.

There is also no "shopping cart" feature yet - I hope to add that at some later date when I can see enough activity to warrant that additional monthly expense. So for now, to inquire or order you may need to CALL or E-MAIL me.

704 372-2899      704 582-2566 (cell)   dmccraryart@carolina.rr.com

So, please take a few minutes to look around, and let me know what you think, and remember: PLEASE - BUY MY STUFF WHILE I'M STILL ALIVE!!

An addition to my schedule:

I have been invited to participate in the art exhibit at The Dayton Concours later this year (September 19-20) in Dayton, Ohio. I will fill in more info as I get details.